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Affirmation Mondays 235 – How you talk to yourself matters Be Kind

How you talk to yourself matters be kind life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 235 via LaWhimsy“How you talk to yourself matters. Be Kind.” ~ Life Wisdom

Words matter…

“How you talk to yourself matters. Be Kind.”

The words you use have meaning and how you use them matters greatly. You weigh what you say to others and more often than not, would much rather share kind words and thoughts with others than negative ones. I bet you prefer hearing nice things said to you, no?

Then why do you speak so unkindly to yourself? You know you do, whether it’s something as innocuous as “that was so dumb of me.” or even outright meanness like “I hate fill-in-the-blank about myself.”.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself if you would speak to someone else the way you speak to yourself. I mean, really, would you?

When I first did this, I was shook! I couldn’t believe how unkind and down-right harsh I was being when I spoke to myself. I was constantly down-playing my abilities and holding myself to impossible standards and just being really rough on myself.  To others I was kindness itself, a cheerleader and I was always advocating gentleness and forgiveness. Yet, I was neglecting to do this very basic kindness for ME. Craziness.

It’s such an easy trap to fall into and one that society at large sets oh so eagerly up. By having that doubt and constant measuring going on as a background dialogue, we remain passive and ignorant of our own power and awesomeness. We stay drone complacent instead of mindfully active. And that is key to maintaining the status quo.

Now, since you are here, reading this, I’m thinking that you are kinda over the status quo and you want more. You want to be awake and more than that, you want to be an active, loving participant in your life. I know that’s what I want!

The first step lies in you being aware of yourself and the words you say to yourself. How you talk to yourself matter. So be kind. Be gentle. Be loving. Be forgiving. Be encouraging. Be everything you long for from everyone else. Because, you know what, YOU are your everything! If you begin by simply becoming aware of how you are talking to yourself and adjusting accordingly, you will amaze yourself.

Don’t judge, just acknowledge and change what you don’t like to what you do – you have that ability. You may have to do this for every single thought you have for awhile, but it’s okay. Each time you become aware that you are talking to yourself in a way that doesn’t feel good, you have the chance to switch it to something that does feel good. If you catch yourself saying for example “I have no talent and will never be good at whatever.” stop and say instead “I am not as good at whatever as I’d like to be but with practice I know I can do better.”. Be kind and lift yourself up the way you’d lift anybody else up.

It’s not always easy, but it can become second nature the way that talking negatively to yourself has. It just takes mindfulness and a bit of effort and the payoff is an inner dialogue that is uplifting, loving, kind, and powerful! Think about it!

Namaste ~ Ella

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