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Monday Mantra 128 – When we love and accept ourselves, the World fits around us

when-we-love-and-accept-ourselves-the-world-fits-around-us-tiny-buddha-quote-monday-mantra-128-via-lawhimsy“When we love and accept ourselves, the World fits around us”~ Dawn Turner via Tiny Buddha

This quote jumped out at me from my inbox last week and struck the cords of my heart-strings like some sort of melodic harp. Just how beautiful, magical, and utterly truthful are Dawn Turner’s words – “When we love and accept ourselves, the World fits around us.”?! There is no need for this tug-of-war that we wage within and with-out ourselves as we try to fit into the World around us. If we simply embrace our own truth and provide ourselves with love and acceptance, the World does this seemingly extraordinary thing by fitting around us. There is room for everyone and the World can be quite the accommodating place once we stop struggling to be something we are not and just become fully what we are. I encourage you to read Dawn’s lovely article (click here) and provide yourself with the greatest gift you can give to the World – YOU!!!

Namaste ~ Ella

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