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Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 228 – The One You Are Looking For is You

the one you are looking for is you life wisdom quote monday mantra 228 via lawhimsyThe one you are looking for is you.” ~ Life

Life may seem to be all about the search for the one, but what if that one is closer than you think…

The one you are looking for is You.

Life can feel like an infinite search. A search for knowledge. A search for truth. A search for love. A search for an ideal. A search for a something that feels just out of reach. And always we seem to come so very close, yet fall somehow achingly short of the end goal of the search.

“Why me?!”, You may think and feel.

Better yet, why not you?

You are the answer. You are the one you are searching for. YOU.

Seriously. You are it. Yes, there are many, many things that people, places, and things outside of ourselves can and will provide. And yes, there are things outside of ourselves that we will be constantly seeking out and searching for. However, and this is the major key, once you realize that You are the one You are looking for, the outside influences become beautiful additions, not the source of your wholeness nor the answer to your search.

If you seek out and discover yourself, you truly discover the greatest key to happiness and wealth in this life. By turning inward you are able to share and radiate outwards with a pure, wholesome light and love that is born of your unique gifts. You are what you are seeking and you’ve been there the whole time.

Now don’t let anyone tell you it’s selfish to be your own answer. It is not. It is not selfish to love your self. It is not selfish to care for yourself. It is not even selfish to put yourself first. It only becomes that if it begins and ends there.

This is such a powerful lesson and one that I have been gaining a stronger insight and appreciation for. Last year turned out to be a doozy and it plumb wore me out. However, one of the best lessons of the year was my learning to return inward and really listen to myself and what I needed. By doing this I discovered more of ME, and the Me that I had slowly been ignoring in favor of more outward influences. I had been searching but I forgot that I held the answers. Now that I’ve re-found myself, I’m back on my track and feeling beyond awesome and as I go into this year I am keeping this valuable quote where I can reference it on the daily.

As you start this year, or week, or day, please remember that the one You are looking for is YOU and that You are a valuable, awesome, unique, and thoroughly worthwhile soul who adds something special to this world!

Namaste ~ Ella

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