Optimism does not necessarily mean ignorance or innocence life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 211 via LaWhimsy
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Monday Mantra 211 – Optimism does not necessarily mean ignorance or innocence

Optimism does not necessarily mean ignorance or innocence life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 211 via LaWhimsyOptimism does not necessarily mean ignorance or innocence.”

This is a really important aspect of optimism that can never be stated enough…

Optimism does not necessarily mean ignorance or innocence.

On the whole I am an optimist. I believe that a good outcome is just as likely – if not a bit more likely – to happen as a bad outcome and I think that there is a bright side to pretty much everything that happens. I mean, if everything happens for a reason (and it does) then why not look for and expect the best, or what is/will be the best, to come of everything? It certainly makes life a much more pleasant and uplifting experience.

There are those, however, who try to disavow optimism and dismiss it as ignorance or innocence or naivete. And while it is true that certain types of optimism can be based on those traits, optimism doesn’t necessarily mean those things. One can be optimistic and realistic and well-aware of all that is going on – the good, the bad and the terrible.

For example, I am completely aware of just how hate-fueled and willfully myopic the Trump administration is, however, I have a great amount of optimism that good will prevail. I’m hopeful that the sheer amount of imbecilic, offensive and downright dangerously loathsome behaviors and actions coming to light will motivate actual progressive and humane changes (it already is on many levels). And to be perfectly honest, the doomsday and negative attitudes that seem to wail about simply make me more optimistic since I chalk a great deal of it up to the “fear” mindset I talked about last week (that and I can be insanely stubborn).

Why those who choose a negative outlook need to try and tear down those of us who choose the optimistic route keep at it is beyond me. I get why they do it – misery loves company don’t ya know – but that doesn’t mean I like or tolerate it, especially when they do it to me. There is little that grates more then someone trying to belittle or berate or undermine my optimistic mindset. Don’t like it, well then, stay in your negative lane and leave me in my optimistic one – don’t try and tell me just how wrong or ignorant or whatever it is you think I am because, quite frankly, you are the one who doesn’t know shite.

Ahem…so yeah, one of the major reasons I’m sharing this simple but lovely mantra this week is because it is one that is quite personal to me. Optimism is awesome. It’s a scientific fact. And anybody who is genuinely and helpfully optimistic really doesn’t need to be torn down or put in their place by those who feel intimidated or threatened by their optimism. We also don’t need to be spoken to like we are brain-dead or simple, just throwing that out there.

All this said, optimism is a skill, just like any other. Therefore, it can be learned and shared and improved upon and it’s something that is available to everyone. All it takes is an active choice and then practice. So long as you are open and aware, you can’t do optimism wrong. Just like hope, optimism is something that grows and flourishes as it’s nurtured and shared and in this world, both go a long way to making it a better, kinder, and more loving world. Try it out for yourself and see.

Namaste ~ Ella

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