It is possible to choose peace over worry positive quote Monday Mantra 159 via LaWhimsy
Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 159 – It is possible to choose peace over worry

It is possible to choose peace over worry positive quote Monday Mantra 159 via LaWhimsyIt is possible to choose peace over worry.” ~ wisdom (via LaWhimsy)

Worry seems to pervade every single faucet of life sometimes. You worry about this and are concerned about that, some of the misgivings based in reality, others based in an imaginative landscape peopled by your anxious, overactive mind. It creates a tense, disquieting, distressing inner and outer environment, and to be perfectly frank, it’s exhausting! However, there is an alternative. A choice. If you stop and listen closely to the murmurings of your heart, you’ll hear this bit of wisdom repeating itself in a soothing rhythm. It is possible to choose peace over worry. It is possible. Detach from the worry, from everything for a moment, and just think about choosing peace. Worrying has never lead to anything except more worrying. When you choose to worry, you choose to expend your energies on the negative, on outcomes that may or may not even become reality. What is actually going to happen will happen whether you choose to worry or choose peace. By choosing peace, you are choosing to focus on the positive, on the here and now, on enjoying the good. When you do that, when you hit bumps or snags, or even full out catastrophes, you are more capable of dealing with them since you haven’t extended your energies already worrying about what could possibly happen. Worrying is a bad habit, one encouraged by the world at large around us, but like all bad habits, you can choose to break it and create a new habit. A habit of peace. I’m focusing on doing just that, and while it’s not always easy, it is possible and each time I choose peace over worry I feel a little more connected to my core and to my life. You can do it too, it is possible!

Namaste ~ Ella

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