Tombstone stardust Samhain Halloween digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsy

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween

Tombstone stardust Samhain Halloween digital art collage by Ella of LaWhimsyThe haunting of leaves’ melody / Crunching like so many bones /Spellbound by the moonlight’s glow / By the haunting thought of what no one knows. / Stardust it scatters itself through the trees / A sparkling shadow of the veil unseen / Leaving its mark upon gravestones and me. ~ Ella

A blessed Samhain and a Happy Halloween to You! I know I usually do a Monday Mantra, but seeing as it actually is the 31st I thought I’d do things a little different (variety is the spice of life and all that). If you’d still like a bit of a pick-me-up click here and read Monday Mantra 82. It’s a rather lovely Bram Stoker Dracula quote and I tied it into the Halloween season’s theme! Personally, while I do enjoy aspects of Halloween, I actually observe Samhain (pronounced saah-win or saa-ween ) a Gaelic celebration of the end of the harvest season and the start of the coldest half of the year. Samhain means “Summer’s End” and it truly does feel as though the warmer part of the year is now over and Nature has turned it’s course again in it’s rhythmic cycle. Samhain also marks  the beginning of the spiritual new year and is one of the two hinges of the year (the other being Beltaine or the first of May). I can sense the thinning of the veil that lies between the worlds at this time of year, just as I can sense the slowing down that is creeping in after the great explosion that is the Autumnal harvest. The sap is slowing and drawing it’s self inward in the trees and all seems to be going into it’s quiet, hibernating sleep. It’s all so aching beautiful. So however you celebrate, may you enjoy the day, the season, the end of this month and the beginning of the next!

Namaste ~ Ella