Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 76

We live in a World where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing. Ira Glass quote Monday Mantra via lawhimsy“We live in a World where joy & empathy & pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing. ” ~ Ira Glass

The world can seem a scary, dark, cold place sometimes. A place filled with woe, misery, negativity, and a sort of soul-sucking sadness. The world also has an ever present goodness, a wholesome, joyful positivity. In the same way that darkness cannot exist without light, for every awful thing, there is a wonderful thing. We do have a choice – we can either embrace the positive or we can embrace the negative. We can add to the vibrations of this earth, this universe with the choice we make. I choose positive, though the negative can create a slippery slope (Star Wars has always made soooo much sense – I mean the Dark Side was a tempting and powerful choice, yet the Light Side was powerful in it’s own right and worth fighting for and embracing.). The choice of positivity can seem daunting at first, especially if negative thinking has become second nature (i.e. it takes no thought to diss yourself, or grumble or bitch about whatever). Once you’ve re-trained your mind, the positive becomes every bit as easy and second nature, and the negative begins to feel not right and off. It is easy to slid back into it (at least it has been for me) but the positive is always worth holding onto and working for. As it unfolds, you’ll see for yourself that this world is filled with joy, empathy, wonder, pleasure, and delight – it does just take noticing and appreciating!

Namaste ~ Ella

~ Affirmation Mondays are positive words of wisdom, insight and joy to add a bit of cheer to the start of your week and any day you need a bit of a pick-me-up! For even more inspiration please check out my Affirmation Mondays Pinterest Board and my Quote-spirational Board!