Affirmation Mondays

Monday Mantra 53

Just be Monday Mantra via LaWhimsyToday I’m feeling terrible. I’m cranky, I’m high-strung, I’m tired, sore, irritated, and just about every awful, negative thing a mind can create. And I hate it. Even thinking about trying to get things done today makes me want to cry frustrated tears that have no real rhythm or reason. I know that I have to breathe, I have to gather myself, and I have to get on with it, but I also know that I simply have to just be. Just be. Just feel what I feel and sort through the reasoning later. Just be. And I know that by doing so, I’ll find my center, regain some equilibrium, and find my way back to my happier, much more contented self. For now I’ll settle for just being. It’s a start.
Namaste ~ Ella

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