International Women’s Day ~ Anonymous No More

Now it's time for Anonymous to become unveiled and unleash Her truth. Ella Patrice quote International Womens Day via LaWhimsyIf for most of history Anonymous was a woman, then I think it is high time for anonymous to be unveiled and speak Her truth (or His truth, depending on the case/person). Equality on all levels – woman, man, religious, race, sexuality, etc. is ours if only we could unite, open our eyes and hearts and fully realize that beneath everything we are all the same.

We are human. We are anonymous no more. Even as I delight in my own womanhood and rally against the oppression that still stands in regard to this differentiation of sex, I remember that I am human, just like everyone else. I feel, I bleed, I express, I experience, I gain and I lose, and eventually I will die, just like each of my fellow human beings.

I shall speak and live my own truth and remember to allow others to do the same. And I will not be anonymous. I will be Ella. Which will you choose?

Namaste ~ Ella

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