Fallen Angel a poetry in motion photograph by LaWhimsy

Fallen Angel – Photography and a Poem

Fallen Angel a poetry in motion photograph by LaWhimsyFallen angel /turned to dust / yet fragile love provided much. / Standing now /quiet and lone / keeping guard until called home. / What happened when desire pulled? / When back was turned to embrace unknown? / Worth it, oh yes / to the marrow and core / removed from safety / hell endured. / Wrongs were done / grievous and poor / yet love was there / evened the score. / Now it stands / a test of time / fragile, lonely / yet somehow sublime. / Fallen angel / turned to dust / showing how love survives so much. / Home will call / embrace again / until then a sentinel / lone, beyond sin.  ~ Ella

This lovely tree stump sits in a field that I pass by and each time I do I think of a fallen angel. There is such a delicate grace in it’s form, and it strikes me with a sort of serenity and longing as it stands as a sort of sentinel in it’s surroundings. I originally took this picture in the Autumn and I shared it on Instagram with the first lines of this poem. However, driving by it again the other day brought up more lines and so I thought I’d share it here. It’s long been a habit of mine to almost think in poetic prose when I gaze out at nature – quirky, but true, tee-hee! Does anybody else do that? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed “Fallen Angel”!

Namaste ~ Ella

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