Musings and Mutterings


Hello February Month Graphic via LaWhimsyIt’s hard to believe that it’s already the second month of 2015 – just where did January go?! I’ve actually done quite a lot in this past month, from setting some new goals, reading several books, finishing a few projects, starting new ones, keeping my health steady, participating in a challenge, and goodness knows what else. I think February is going to be an even better month and I’m really looking forward to all it has in store. For one thing, personal posts have been rather scarce here on the blog and I really think it’s time to integrating them again so that I can share more of the things that I enjoy and do. I’m also hoping to try out a few different features and have more of my art up. What do you think? Anything you’d like to see me blog about? What are your goals for this month?

Here’s to February!

Namaste ~ Ella

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