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Word Nerd : Kaizen

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Kaizen ideographs Word Nerd via lawhimsyKaizen is a Japanese term formed from two two ideographs (written symbols), the first of which represents change and the second goodness or virtue. Kaizen is most commonly used to describe the long-term betterment of someone or something. It makes wonderful sense because life is all about constant change, however most of it is gradual and sometimes that is the best way to make the biggest changes stick.

I think kaizen is a terrific business and self-help term and I’ve no doubt of it becoming something of a “hip” one any time now (You know how is goes, something catches on and suddenly it’s everywhere and it seems everyone is talking about it…hello “YOLO”.). That said, I am going to be using kaizen a lot more since it so nicely sums up my own ideal attitude towards creating the life you want to live. You are always your own best project, living your life to it’s fullest, most real potential your greatest goal and kaizen is a tool that will constantly be at your disposal, so long as you recognize it. It’s a grand thought, isn’t it, the idea that you are fully and totally in command of YOU and what you do with it is as unlimited as the stars in the sky. Do you. Be you. Live you. Love You!

Namaste ~ Ella

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