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Gif Me No More Trouble

This week saw me dedicate more hours of my life than should ever be necessary for a mere three seconds of what I wanted to be looped film footage. That’s right – three seconds. True, they are possibly three of the best seconds of film footage to be had since they are of Hadley Fraser in The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary at The Royal Albert Hall. Sure, he’s absolutely film worthy, but it was his particular facial expression during the rooftop scene between Raoul and Christine (played by the wonderful Sierra Boggess) right after he tells Christine it was a dream and nothing more. It is the best “Bitch, Please” face I have ever seen and my dear bff about fell over laughing when she first beheld it (I got the DVD about two weeks ago now and we have watched it three times since – we’re not obsessed or anything, I swear…ahem.). I new right then and there that I simply had to find a gif of it and when not a one turned up, I had to make it myself. Easy, no? No. I Googled my fingers blue attempting to find a way to take that precious three seconds and loop and my first tries were miserable failures. Finally I prevailed and was able to present my bff with the end product – a perfect Bitch Please gif.

Ta-Da ~ Bitch Please!

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