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Reading List for April

As promised, here is my book list & mini-reviews for April. Enjoy... First up is Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester. Like many, I am thoroughly obsessed with the Regency era in England (hello Jane Austen!) and having read several of Georgette Heyer's novels, this was quite the treat. It really provides a wonderful… Continue reading Reading List for April


Reading List for March

So, time has totally flown by, hence my March reading list/book review happening at the end of April rather then at the beginning. Oopsie-doo! Anyway, here's what I read in March and a few thoughts about each... First up is A Lady Raised High by Laurien Gardner. Historical fiction about the Tudors, specifically Anne Boleyn?… Continue reading Reading List for March


Reading List for February

Happy World Book Day (at least for the UK & Ireland)! In celebration of this (though I never really need a reason to celebrate books and reading!), I figured I'd share my completed February reading list. There is really no rhythm or reason to what I read or when I read it, I just go… Continue reading Reading List for February