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March Book List collage via LaWhimsySo, time has totally flown by, hence my March reading list/book review happening at the end of April rather then at the beginning. Oopsie-doo! Anyway, here’s what I read in March and a few thoughts about each…

First up is A Lady Raised High by Laurien Gardner.

March Reading List book 1Historical fiction about the Tudors, specifically Anne Boleyn? I’m there! Seriously, I am a total sucker for anything Anne Boleyn related and this was no exception. It’s an easy read, and the main character is a somewhat daft young lady who ends up serving Anne. Anne wasn’t portrayed too badly, so I rate it higher, then say, The Other Boleyn Girl (which is something best left to another rant, I mean post).

After that I read Josephine: A Life of the Empress by Carolly Erickson.

March Reading List book 2Carolly Erickson is one of my favorite biographers, simply because of her ability to capture a real sense of the person she’s writing about. This particular book was my first encounter with that charming and enticing Josephine. I can still vividly remember the cool, early spring day that I devoured this and fell, utterly and completely under Josephine’s spell. I have read it numerous times since then, and while it’s no longer my top Josephine biography, it still has a very special place in my heart.

Then I read Fairies ~ Real Encounters With Little People by Janet Bord.

March Reading List book 3This unique treasure of a book is one that I devoured, both the first time I found it on a dusty shelf years ago and this time around. It explores the ideas behind the various supernatural encounters ordinary people have had with the realm of Faerie. It even ties some UFO sightings to the Wee Folk! I have always believed in Faeries (and other supernatural, Cryptozoology, and other worldly things) whether it be through myth, legend, or reality and this is both an exciting and interesting view of Faeries and the encounters shared.

Lastly I read Versailles by Kathryn Davis.

March Reading List book 4As I said on my Instagram, This has such a lyrical, poetic, and dreamscape feel to it ~ Marie Antoinette is truly given a unique voice and depth here! This truly read like a dream, both real and surreal and Versailles very soul seems to intertwine with Marie Antoinette’s as they twirl and move about the shifting, corrupt, and magical landscape that made up France before and during the French Revolution. I’ve read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction, about the Revolution and Marie, but this is one of the most unique takes on the topic simply because of the author’s stylistic writing.

Well, there is a break-down (albeit, a simple one) of my March reads. You can check out my January and February lists here and here and I’ll be posting my April reads next week. Also, I always share on Instagram in “real-time”. What have you been reading?

Namaste ~ Ella

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