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Affirmation Mondays 344 ~ You’re something between a dream and a miracle…

You're Something Between a Dream and a Miracle Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quote Affirmation Mondays via LaWhimsy“You’re something between a dream and a miracle.” ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

You are pure magic in human form…

“You’re something between a dream and a miracle.”

Life has been rough on so many for the past few years and often it’s felt as though so much has been caught on a never ebbing tide of violent pessimism and ugly hate. I know that personally I’ve been going through it and there were several points when I felt the disconnect from my core as I spun out – aimless, lost, and greatly dimmed.

It was at the edge of one of those times when this quote found me and lit a small, hopeful, precious flame in the depths of my soul. As I read it, I felt myself exhale and something within me uncoiled slightly. The parts of me that had been too shushed and too ignored felt the acknowledgement of these words, felt their own existence stir within that realm between dreams and miracles.

We, each and every single one of us, are what Elizabeth Barrett Browning said – something between a dream and a miracle.

Simply saying the words fill me with such joy and delight. To live them, embody them, now that is what we are here on the Earth, in these human forms, to do.

To live as a being that is something between a dream and a miracle means we are being of love, of joy, of pure divinity. We get to be gracious and grateful and giving. We get to share love and joy and excitement. We get to experience and learn all kinds of things. And we get to do all of this with ourselves and with others.

There is no one way to be or to live or to love or to learn. There are options and actions and choices that we get to make. We get to make mistakes and then set them right. We are able to change things when they aren’t working and we get to keep trying. Each day, each hour, each breath is another chance.

I’m still healing, finding my footing and re-engaging with myself. It’s work, but it’s so worth doing. I’m focusing on living the truth of these words – of being something between a dream and a miracle. I hope that you, too, see yourself as something between a dream and a miracle because that’s how I see you. Here’s to a healing, loving new year!!!

Namaste ~ Ella

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