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Affirmation Mondays 335 – We don’t appreciate pessimistic vibes around here. Kindly move along…

We don't appreciate pessimistic vibes around here. Kindly move along. Ella Patrice quote Affirmation Mondays 335 via LaWhimsyWe don’t appreciate pessimistic vibes around here. Kindly move along.” ~ Ella Patrice

Pessimism is a choice…

We don’t appreciate pessimistic vibes around here. Kindly move along.

Pessimism is defined as a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. With this in mind, pessimism is, in fact, an active choice of mindset and viewpoint.

This does not make pessimism right or wrong, per say, it simply makes it one way to look at and define situations. And, as with any specific view point, it’s a rather limited way to see things.

That said, I tend to lean towards the more optimistic view of things. Not in any kind of toxic positivity way, but in a take in a situation as a whole and find the ways that things can work out for the best or for the greater good kind of way.

I so much prefer to see the good, the ways that kindness and gentleness and perseverance can create actual, active change and lift up those who need it. Yes, it can feel a bit like groping in the dark, hoping to find a way forward at times, but on the whole it leaves me feeling a sense of sanguineness.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that pessimism doesn’t have a time and place, since everyone has a range of emotions and viewpoints and mindsets at any given time. There will always be reasons for things to feel bleak, harrowing, and scary – enough to cause some very strong cases of the morbs. It simply means that there are also always plenty of reasons for things to feel encouraging, pleasing, and soothing as well. It’s the duality of nature and of life for both to not only exist but coexist.

With this in mind, I don’t appreciate pessimistic vibes entering my spaces any more then they have to. I dislike being lectured to about how “unrealistic” and “ignorant” my more optimistic mindset is (did it ever occur to you I might feel the same about your view points, I’m just aware that each and every individual is allowed to express their unique thoughts without my input (unless you are spewing hate, bigotry, racist rhetoric, etc – then just f-off)) and I simply do not put up with it. If that is your view point, good for you – kindly move along because it is not wanted by me.

Around here, and in my everyday life, I make it an active habit to engage the more optimistic thoughts instead of dwelling on the pessimistic ones. I actively find ways to make the optimistic become reality, even if only in small ways, and I try to vibe in ways that feel joyful, gentle, kind, and compassionate. This is how things begin to change for the betterment of all, and this is how you can start taking your own power back.

Namaste ~ Ella

~ A version of this was originally published as Affirmation Mondays 34 and has been updated and edited to better reflect my current mindset.

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