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Affirmation Mondays 319 ~ and here you are living despite it all…

and here you are living despite it all Rupi Kaur Affirmation Monday 319 via LaWhimsy“and here you are living despite it all.” ~ Rupi Kaur

“and here you are living despite it all.”

These words brought me to my knees. The sheer rawness, the strength, the pure hope that keeps shining through the pain, all in these precious few words. I felt too much as I read them, yet it felt right in an achingly beautiful kind of way.

These words have been a guide post for me, one that reassures as it provides a reminder that I still am. Despite the losses, despite the traumas, despite the set-backs and upsets, I am still here, living and breathing and moving forward.

Yes, some days it can still feel as though I’m almost sitting still, holding my breath, just waiting for yet another proverbial shoe to fall. But still, I am. That, right there, is what matters. I am. I am. I still very much am.

These amazing, simply words are such a light in the darkness, such a reminder that even when you feel lost and too far gone, that you still are. That’s such an important, incredible thing – being alive. Each breath a gift, each moment one of promise and hope and movement.

I breath this reminder in with each breath and know that even in the worst of it, I am still me and I am still here. I can make it through and find my own version of solid ground. I can and I will still be here living despite it all.

You, too, can do the same. I believe in you, in your strength, your breath, in your best, deepest, sweetest self. You are still here and that is so wonderful. Thank You for being here despite all you’re going through and have gone through. You’re amazing and a gift to the world just because you are you. Enjoy the little things in your day, in your life, and keep on going. I’m glad you are here!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Monday Mantras are now going to be Affirmation Mondays since a Mantra is actually a sacred utterance. These posts are lovely bits of uplifting insight and inspiration and thus Affirmation is a much more fitting term.

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