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Affirmation Mondays 300 ~ Apologize to yourself. That’s where the healing begins.

Apologize to yourself That's where the healing begins Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 300 via LaWhimsy“Apologize to yourself. That’s where the healing begins.” ~ Ella Patrice

When was the last time you apologized to yourself?

“Apologize to yourself. That’s where the healing begins.”

Apologizing when you have wronged another, whether intentionally or not, is a powerful, humbling, and healing experience. It’s not always an easy act but it is always worth the effort put forth.
That said, when was the last time you apologized to yourself? Have you ever?
You expect a lot from yourself, as does society. I’m sure you’ve pushed yourself, been hard on yourself, talked down to yourself, punished yourself for not being this or not being able to do that.
It’s human nature to feel disappointed in yourself, to feel frustrated and let down by your body, your mind. It’s only natural to compare and fall short to what your mind perceives as ideal or better than.
It’s also natural to forgive and apologize. You’d forgive someone who hurt you and you’d apologize if you hurt another. So why not do the same for yourself?
Why not pause and apologize to your body for those times you shamed it and blamed it for being the way it is. Why not apologize for talking down to yourself, for casting blame and shame where none needed (or needs) to be? Why not express remorse and then make gentle, loving amends with yourself?
To forgive is divine and to forgive yourself you must apologize. Set yourself free from the burdens of guilt and heaviness by recognizing and apologizing for your shortcomings when it comes to how you talk to and treat yourself. You’ll begin to heal once you apologize.
It’s okay if you’ve been rough and even downright mean to yourself, simply apologize to YOU and then do better. You are human and you are going to make mistakes and mess up and act ugly sometimes. Apologizing and forgiving sets in motion the healing you need.
Start small by apologizing to yourself for just one thing, right now. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and be gentle, you are only human. Apologize and forgive yourself and see yourself heal and glow because of it.

Namaste ~ Ella

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