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Affirmation Mondays 301 ~ I am endlessly creating myself

I am endlessly creating myself Frantz Fanon quote Monday Mantra 301 via LaWhimsy“I am endlessly creating myself.” ~ Frantz Fanon

This life is an endless adventure, a continuous creation…

“I am endlessly creating myself.”

How utterly divine is this statement?! The full quote by Frantz Fanon reads “In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” and it’s just so beautiful.
The real beauty lies in the control it provides to each of us. To state and believe that we are each endlessly creating ourselves is so, so powerful. We have the ability and the gift of being able to change, to adapt, to grow, to bloom continuously. Most importantly, we have the choice to be an active participant in our own creation.
That is the true key to the power behind this statement. By being an active participant in the changes that naturally occur in life, we are able to craft our responses and who we become because of it.
Yes, there is always the option to simply allow change to happen around us since life is in constant flux, but that choice tends to breed only discontentment and stagnation within the soul. By opening up and flowing with the change in a participatory manner, we extend our boundaries and flex our inner strength. It can certainly be uncomfortable and sometimes disagreeable as it’s happening, but, oh, how amazing the other side can be!
We are but travelers in this weird adventure called life and the more we interact with and move with it, the more we create and discover ourselves. It’s an amazing and undefined path that lies before each of us – so how will you choose to create the next step?

Namaste ~ Ella

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