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Affirmation Mondays 283 – While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things.

While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things Morgan Harper Nichols quote Monday Mantra 283 via LaWhimsy“While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

The world may feel as though it is functioning in pure chaos, but we can navigate it with this sage advice in mind…

“While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things”

What a wild time, am I right?! Deep divides, wildly fluctuating emotions, an ever worsening global pandemic, racially motivated hatred, economic distress, etc…

It’s beyond overwhelming, even with the good news of a Biden/Harris win.

Things feel so raw and this particular election has really shown just how divided America is. The angry, the ugly, the hatred, the lack of empathy and kindness – it’s all out there now. It’s not that is didn’t exist before, it’s just that now it’s been unmasked and laid bare before everyone – even those who continue to deny are seen clearly for how hollow their cry has become.

It’s sad and it’s heavy and it’s obvious that there is so much healing and work to be done. It’s not impossible, nor are any of the efforts futile or ineffective. Yes, there will always be those who dislike the ideas of equality and fairness for ALL, but they are the minority.

What’s needed now in the aftermath of these years of hatred and bigotry and abuses is time to process and make sense of things. Some of it will remain senseless and no amount of time or questioning will produce answers or reasons. Perhaps it all happened to allow us to see fully and completely the depth and expanse of the wounds that were so easily ignored by so many. After all, “going through things you never thought you’d go through will only take you to places you never thought you’d get to”. The only way to process any of it is to acknowledge that it happened and to find ways to move forward so that it never happens again.

As we all begin to move forward and out of the fevered nightmare the last fours years has presented, may we begin to make peace with the notion that, yes, it happened, yes it was terrible, yes, lives were lost for no reason beyond hatred of race, but we can and will make it stop. We made a difference with this election outcome and we can continue to keep making a difference.

This election is but one more step forward. It’s a major one, to be sure, and it’s momentum can provide a great deal of inspiration and motivation, but we need to keep pushing forward to even better.

Sense might not be made of a lot of what has occurred, but peace can be found with the fact that we have the power and ability to change how things go forward. We can act and we can do and we can insure that change keeps happening. That lives are saved. That no matter the color of one’s skin, the creed of one’s faith, tone’s economic standing or sexual orientation, all are equal and treated as such.

We are making a difference. We are changing things. There is still a long ways to go, but we are making headway and moving in the right direction. Now is a time to heal, to breathe, to rediscover kindness, to instill goodness, to fill yourself up with love and hope and gentleness. “While we are trying to make sense of things, may we learn to make peace with things.” Let’s allow ourselves be soft and joyful again and let’s mend the wounds.


Namaste ~ Ella

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