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Monday Mantra 245 – My favorite color is October and a link to a Word List

My favorite color is October Fall quote Monday Mantra 245 via LaWhimsy“My favorite color is October”

Joyous Autumn Equinox to all those in the Northern Hemisphere…

My favorite color is October

The turning of the seasons is always an exciting and delightful time. The promise of a new beginning, the changes in the air and nature, the hope and celebrations each season uniquely holds.

While each season has it’s longed for attributes, Autumn is the season that holds my soul in it’s thrall entirely. Autumn not only speaks to my core, it sings, caresses, and thrills me in a way no other season can quite touch. It awakens my senses in so many ways.

Whether it’s the fragile, ephemeral beauty that each leaf takes on as it kaleidoscopes from the lush full greenness of Summer to the ochery yellows, reds and oranges of Autumn, to the final stages of crispy browns and grays or the clear, biting air of a bright morning or even the chilly, damp gray rainy times that can drip on for days. I just adore it all.

There is so much poetry and beauty held in each moment of Autumn, in each shortening day and in the bounty of the harvest. The over-ripe days of Fall fill us with the hope and glow we need to tide us through the dark, cold days of Winter and they hold the promise that if we care for and treat the Earth with kindness, love and gratitude, then in turn, we will be provided with what we need.

While it may not be October as yet, I feel a kindship with the notion that my favorite color is October. The earthy, bright, warmth of the October color scheme is one I find repeating it’s self throughout my creative. From colored pencils or pastels to my fabric choices to the decor I surround myself with. I suppose I just love to surround myself with Autumn in one way or another year-round!

I have created a wonderful post right here that has a variety of links to Autumn words and poetry and Monday Mantras that are all Fall related. I hope you’ll pop over to it and explore to your heart’s content.

Namaste ~ Ella

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