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Affirmation Mondays 239 – Only a fool believes that hate will conquer hate. Don’t be a fool.

Only a fool believes that hate will conquer hate don't be a fool quote Monday Mantra 239 via LaWhimsy“Only a fool believes that hate will conquer hate. Don’t be a fool.”

Many live unknowingly with hate thinking it may solve and salve their wounds…

“Only a fool believes that hate will conquer hate. Don’t be a fool.”

It is a truth that should be universally acknowledged, that two negatives do not make a positive where emotions are involved. Emotions, after all, are not math equations, at least not the last time I checked.

Literary and math humor aside, it is a solid truth that hate cannot conquer hate. Only love can win out over hate. Only a positive can breach the dark hull of hate and obliterate it completely.

Why? Well, hate is an emotion and emotions tend to feed upon themselves. When you feel down it is so easy to stew on the negative, heavy, depressing emotions and as you do that, you sink further and further into a downward spiral. If you choose the opposite and focus on the positive, your feelings begin to raise upward and lighten.

With hate, it goes the same way. The more you hate someone or something, the more you find to dislike and despise and the anger and  more hateful you feel. Before you know it, you are sunk down, mired in the hate and finding more and more and more to add to the hate.

Take social media – if you begin to feed into the hate that festers and feasts there, you will take on all of that emotion and baggage and every last bit of your social media will be laced with that negativity. Then that negativity will bleed out into everything. Blerg!

If you instead disregard the negative, the trolls, the anger and focus on the positive and uplifting, your social media will reflect that and your life will too.

It’s almost become a foreign concept, the idea that hate will not conquer hate, especially with social media playing such a huge role in day-to-day life. When you have the so called powers that be utilizing Twitter to spread hate and vicious lies and ugliness constantly or places like FB seemingly encouraging personal attacks about any and everything, it can feel so overwhelming and easy to want to clap back with just as much hateful venom.

Let’s face it, hate can act like a drug. Someone says something awful so you put them in their “place” with equal nastiness and you get a rush. It may only be momentary before it’s replaced with an icky, gross sort of feeling, but it was there. It so easy to fall into that low trap and hate right back. To seek out revenge or to get even. To basically aid Karma in the way you see fit.

The catch is that it’s not your place and since hate cannot conquer hate, you will only succeed in becoming the hate yourself. There is no way to truly, positively “win”. No matter how good it may feel in the moment. That moment will pass and you’ll be left with your own karma, your own hate. And that can never win.

Instead, feed hate with love. Don’t respond to those who use hate. Instead nurture your self, soothe your pain with kindness and love. Send love out to those of your choosing and curb your impulse to send out that hateful tweet or post. Take a moment for gratitude, no matter how small. Don’t be a fool and for goodness sake, don’t feed the trolls!

Namaste ~ Ella

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