Winter Solstice in my hand digital art collage via LaWhimsy
Musings and Mutterings

Winter Solstice Wishes To You

Winter Solstice in my hand digital art collage via LaWhimsyWinter Solstice marks the night of longest hour and darkest light. Yet in this time so cold and bleak, lights still twinkle and hope runs deep. For now the days shall begin once more to lengthen and we will again know a sun restored. To all who gather and celebrate, a toast I raise to your good fates, and to those who don’t I still salute and wish you goodness and joy to boot. Peace and wonder, whimsy and glee ~ Winter is here with peace to be!

Quiet, longest night of the year, when the cycle restarts in it’s slumbering bed. Cold has settled all around, yet an inner fire is glowing, sound. Softly turned inward, the heart and mind go. Inner reflection and nurturing are found. May this Yuletide find you safe, growing at your own sweet pace. May kindness, wonder, joy, and delight take you through Winter with their unique light.

yuletide candle blessings and prayers gif via LaWhimsy

Namaste ~ Ella