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Poetry is in Everything

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April is National Poetry Month and it has been since it’s inauguration by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Poetry appreciation is not, however, confined to simply this month and that only makes sense, since poetry is in and about everything. It is the very language of the human experience – emotional, physical, paradoxical, metaphysical – you name it and poetry has been utilized in an attempt to share and relate it.

Essay on the Origin of Languages by Jean-Jacques Rousseau via lawhimsy

Poetry is defined as writing chosen and arranged to create a certain emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm – it’s the very essence of the beating heart, the stirrings of the soul, the immortal perceptions of very mortal beings. It need not be intimidating, overly sentimental or even something only literary scholars can understand – poetry is for everyone. If you feel, think, express, live, then poetry is for you. There is sure to be a poet, a poem that can and will touch you, that will seem to pierce your very being and touch upon that thing deep within you that you never thought could be shared just so.

Daretobeoriginal PoetryinMotion via LaWhimsyPoetry is in everything and it’s the language of emotion and expression. I do hope that you give poetry a chance – seek it out, let it find you, share it, feel it, express it and live it!

Namaste ~ Ella