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A Surprise Gift

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Last week was my birthday (not that I made any secret about that, tee-hee!) and while I received many sweet surprises and gleeful tidings, one stood out for it’s sheer awesome serendipity and as a reminder of just how generous and amazing the Universe and it’s people can be…

While out and about on my special day, I took some time to stop in and browse about one of the antique malls (one of the greater pleasures of a cold, rainy day is being able to spend it in great company while rummaging about untold treasures and oddities, and besides, we had been throwing the idea of stopping in around all weekend long). While there I popped into one of my favorite booths (a book one, naturally) and there, propped-up sat this small, brightly colored book ~ A Birthday Treasury – Writings Festive and Joyful, Wise and Inspiring

A Birthday Treasury Surprise via LaWhimsy

Of course, My friend and I were all over it because it was so cute and perfectly fitting for the day, but the best part was yet to come, because when we looked for the price, there written on the front page was this…

Birthday Treasury Book Surprise via LaWhimsy*It says “Free if it’s Your Birthday – Show Drivers License” *

Of all the days over the course of that long weekend, we just decided to stop into the antique store on my actual birthday and this precious book was just right there, waiting. A gift from a generous stranger, set-up oh, so beautifully for me on my birthday. I get these delicious goose-bumps when I think about how magical and wonderful it was and still is!

A Birthday Treasury Book Surprise via LaWhimsy

It’s small, precious moments and occurrences like this that make a person feel special, unique and touched by something bigger then themselves. A simple, sweet gesture by a perfect stranger put a smile on my face and added a bit of magic and wonder to my day and to my life and for that I am beyond thankful!

Have you ever had an experience like this or done something like this for someone else?

Namaste ~ Ella

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