Musings and Mutterings

10 Little Things I Do Each Day

teacupfloralI like a nice routine. Oh, nothing too set in stone or scheduled from dawn to dusk, just a fairly set way of doing things each day. I find that my days flow easier and much more pleasantly if I wake-up, eat and go to bed around the same times (though that is kind of a “well, duh” sort of thing). I also just feel better if I do certain things and this is a small list of 10 of those things…

  1. I drink a cup of water each morning after I wash my face and before I eat breakfast. I find that it makes me less likely to have a glycemic rush in the morning and it just tastes so fresh and pleasant.
  2. I always take time to make my bed, smooth-out my blankets and fluff my bed pillows. It makes my room feel neater and I just like doing it.
  3. I get dressed. I have a thing about getting out of whatever I’ve slept in and putting on something else. Even when I’m sick I’ll change into fresh sweatpants (though I’m with Jake from Adventure Time – they really are giving up on life pants…especially  when there is so much else to choose from!)

    “I do, because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house, even if it’s just for ice cream, or TP, or whatev.”
  4. I take time to breathe deep and enjoy the fresh air when I let Nelly out (this is a newish one, but I’ve been doing it for 7 weeks already!).
  5. I check my main e-mail first thing when I get on-line. I do my best to keep it tidy ’cause a full inbox drives me batty!
  6. I have a re-usable bottle of water with me in the morning, the afternoon and early evening (I’ll often mix a lemonade or tea-packet in for flavor).
  7. I turn my computer off after 7pm and I turn my phone on do-not-disturb from 10pm to 7am. Electronics can really affect my sleep and anxiety so limiting my exposure to them is a very good thing. I also turn off  the lights gradually as the evening goes on and by bedtime it’s only soft lamp light that provides a pleasant glow.
  8. I unmake my bed and make it look super inviting by folding the blankets back, plumping my pillow and I spritz a light fragrance over the bed.
  9. I wash my face each night and smooth on lotions to relax my body and mind.
  10. I take a moment to reflect on the day and count my blessings and happy moments!

It’s not much and most of it is simple and almost mindless in a way, but it makes each day feel right for me. Do you have any everyday patterns or routines that you follow?

Namaste ~ Ella