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Choosing to be YOU

Not lost Just Blurry
I’m not totally lost, just a bit blurry…

Are you living the life you want? More importantly, are you living and being the YOU that you want to be?  I’m posing this inquiry because it’s one I’ve been asking myself quite a lot as of late. Oh, it’s not that I’ve been unhappy with myself or life, per say, it’s just that I have been feeling a bit adrift. Almost as though I’d begun to lose sight of my true self, the self I like most, in a slight misty haze. That haze, as opaque and filmy as the fog that rolls over my mountains and into the streets each evening, has been being cause by any number of things – small problems here, a slight life curve-ball there, past frustrations re-emerging, hurt feelings and oblivious actions (both my own and of others). I mean, that’s life for ya, right? Right…

Queen by ChoiceI’ve been aware of sense of loosing touch with myself but it was almost a light-bulb moment when I stumbled upon that wonderful Queenism quote. I started almost at once to make it my mantra and my daily goal to not just survive but to regain and remain ME with courage, humor, grace and, naturally, whimsy. Then Caroline of Sparkles and Crumbs shared a terrific post and I just knew I was back on the right path to following Jack Kerouac’s creed…

Jack Kerouac CreedLife is truly all about facing all of the random, unexpected, quirky, grand, terrible, and everything in-between things how you choose to. That’s the choice and control we all have – that of ourselves, our reactions, our actions and we get to walk the paths of our own making. We can do and be anything we want, so long as we recognize life’s randomness and remember that it’s all about anything and not everything!

MyRoadI’m well on my way to being fully back in and of myself and it’s really be as simple as listening and following my heart and gut and doing ME. How about you?

Namaste ~ Ella

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