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Marie Antoinette Crush Style


I’m not sure if anyone quite remembers all my excitement about Crush and their complete and utter awesomeness (it’s in this post, just in case you were wondering…tee-hee!), however I have never forgotten and actually I have been a major fan since long before all that! The point and purpose of this post (besides re-declaring Crush’s awesomeness) is to show off the oh, so delightful Marie Antoinette and her handsome Executioner that I was finally able to make. Sure, they were a July freebie, perfect for Bastille Day celebrations, however I think that they are perfectly suited to anytime of year (well, that and I was finally able to get a new printer and locate fabric printer paper) .

CrushMarie4Yeah, I have a Marie Antoinette action figure…

See, I’m a wee bit of a Marie Antoinette fanatic since she is one of the historical figures that I adore and who I think has received a rather bad rap over the years (and during her own time too – while she was far from a saint, I hardly think she was the root cause of the problems in France at the time…but I digress…). I am so happy to have a sweet pancake doll of her and one with a delectable head (I’m weird, and I’m perfectly okay with that). I have read numerous books, viewed several documentaries, researched her, her times and taken in all sides and viewpoints possible and I think she was an extraordinary woman who lived in a very precarious and who dealt with the life she was given in a very human way.


One of the best parts about making this doll was getting to use fabric printer paper for the first time – I think I am addicted! It’s a bit fragile (don’t cut too close to your stitches or seams – it’ll run and tear) and I think given a chance I might darken the colors a bit so they don’t appear too washed out (though it’s an ink eater – eep!). I also re-enforced the poor dear’s neck with some fancy trim, so that when her head is on, her neck isn’t floppy (Marie had impeccable posture and grace and I don’t want to tarnish that any!). The handsome executioner was easy-peasy, though I accidentally destroyed his axe, so I shall be making him a felt substitute (live, learn and don’t cut seams on tiny things!).

CrushMarie1Just a small glimpse of some of my Marie Antoinette collection.

Now, these cuties are no longer available from Crush, but I do highly suggest you visit their site (and sign up for their newsletter) for their monthly freebies and for all of the other great things they offer!

Namaste ~ Ella

*I am not affiliated with Crush in anyway – I just think they are terrific and wanted to share!