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What Do You See?


Living Swirl
What Do You See?
Musical wanderings
But never you mind.
Always close by
Never to be found
Mystical, magical
The ordinary resounds.
Traveling, seeking
Closing one’s eyes
Trying to figure out
Which costumes are mine.
Are we all to become
Mere shadows and myth?
Will we create a more
Sure, lasting gift?
Softly we reach out
Grasping we climb
Wanting to know
While wishing to hide.
It’s all a blur
Our time in this World
Equally fast
While achingly slow.
What Do You See?
                                   ~ Ella

It’s all a choice, you know. How you live, how and what you see. Yet, there are always boundaries, invisible requirements that seem to shackle us into certain forms, pre-destined and defined boxes – that is, of course, if we simply follow along, like good little sheep. The difficulties of choice lie in the questioning, the doing, the ability to say, no – I am not going to just go along with the expected, I’m going to do ME. To accept being the weirdo, the odd one, at least for awhile. Somewhere, at sometime along your way you will come across your kin, those like-mined folk who simply “get you”. You’ll also discover that everyone is equally lost, confused, searching and weird, it’s just that not everyone has the conviction and the courage to step out of line and actually, actively do what they want, what their soul so deeply desires.

Freak Flag is Flighing High

I, for one, have always gone about my own path and skipped along to the songs that seemingly only I can hear. Has it always been easy – HECK NO! Has it always been worth it – Oh YEAH!

Art by Laura Callin Bennett

So Which do you see and which way do you walk?

Namaste ~ Ella