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Self Made Sunshine


So a few days barely into Spring and I wake up to snow and not just a light snow, but this (see the image above). A thick falling, snow-globe envying free-fall that clumps to the ground and covers everything, oh and continues off and on for a few days. It’s still flurrying as I write this and the forecast holds no promise of actual sunshine or warmer weather until the weekend at least. That’s where my self made sunshine comes in.


Thanks to Target’s clearance end-caps I was able to score a few happy, sunshiny items for my desk. Between the brightly colored notebooks (I can never, ever have to many – it’s an illness, really), magnets, note-pads and note-cards (with envelopes!), I am one delighted gal.


These are all from one of those terrific designer lines (Mara-Mi) and thanks to some great patience on my part and some very, very good luck I scored big-time (a great deal on something useful is always a win!).


I think these cheery yellows, oranges, pinks, greens, and blues are the perfect remedy to these early Spring days that are more gray and white then sunny and bright. Now, if only I could work up the desire to actually give my studio that overhaul it so desperately needs then I would have a perfectly happy desk indeed, lol!

Self Made Sunshine

Here’s some sunshine to share, just in-case you or someone you know needs some!

Namaste ~ Ella