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Far and Away: A Brief Hiatus from the Status Quo

Melting Inside and Out A Late Summer Digital Art Collage by Ella Patrice of LaWhimsyMelting Inside and Out ~ A Digital Art Collage by Ella Patrice

So things for me have been a bit off-kilter and to be perfectly honest – rough. As it may have been noticed, posting here has been erratic at best and I figured that instead of trying and falling short it would be best to step away for a brief hiatus. In truth I should’ve done this a few weeks back, but no matter, I’m doing it now!

For the rest of August and a good part of September I’ll not be publishing any new posts. Please feel free to peruse past posts and the archives for Word Nerd inspiration and check out my Monday Mantras Pintrest Board for an easy look at all my past posts (each one should link to the respective post here!).

Thank You for your support and general awesomeness!!!

Namaste ~ Ella