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Affirmation Mondays 281 – Stop trying to fit into a world that never really fit you and design your own instead

Stop trying to fit into a world that never really fit you and design your own instead Ella Patrice quote Monday Mantra 281 via LaWhimsy“Stop trying to fit into a world that never really fit you and design your own instead.” ~ Ella Patrice

You are the creator of your own place in your own world…

“Stop trying to fit into a world that never really fit you and design your own instead.”

The world is a vast, multifaceted, complicated, and ever-changing place. We, each of us, has a place in it and different and unique ways of interacting and viewing it. Yet we are programed from a young age to fit in and conform to some rather limited parameters to “belong” to it.

In this way we often end up lessen ourselves and quieting our authentic voices and minds. Society wants us small and malleable and easily lead. It’s a true travesty.

We are born to be our own light that shines upon this wondrous world. We are made and exist for a reason, one that isn’t meant for quiet complacency. We were not placed in this world to have our self-esteem sold to us in any number of ways, nor were our souls to be bartered for acceptance in order to fit in.

Yet it’s such an easy trap to fall prey to because who doesn’t want to belong, to fit in, to be accepted and acceptable?

When it happens and you conform and follow the “leaders” and finally find yourself fitting in, are you content? Do you feel a sense of inner peace and joy? Or does the bar continue to move, the goals change, the fitting in feel false and like you are a fraud?

This is where the root of unhappiness and discontent lie, and the worst part – it’s all one big, fat fabrication.

I know it all too well because I spent so much of my younger years torn between listening to my core self and longing to belong and fit in with my peers. I wanted, yearned, to be a part of something, to be accepted all the while feeling like I was always on the sidelines. I never had the “right” clothes or backpack or even lunch. My thoughts and imagination were too “out-there” and I was always the weird one who wasn’t quite “normal”. 

Yes, part of this was due to my being unknowingly on the spectrum. I spent so much time masking, and doing my best to be “normal” like everyone else and I always felt like a fraud and like I was going to be caught out and made to feel even weirder than I already knew I was. At the same time I knew myself, my true inner self, and I hated compromising Her needs, wants and desires. It was exhausting to say the least.

As I got older I still wanted to fit in, but I wanted even more to just be me, fully, completely, weirdly ME. The more I leaned (and still lean) into this, the more happiness I began to uncover. Yes, there were and are still plenty of struggles, but the more I continue to come back to me and the more I define my world, the more I am able to find my own place in the wider world. It isn’t always easy, creating my own paths and beats to move to, but goodness, is it ever worth it!

You aren’t here to be just another body, just another cog in a bland, conformative world. You are here to be YOU. Your perspectives, your thoughts and feelings, your unique everything is what the world needs. Don’t try to fit into a world that never fit you – design your own ways of being in your own world. When you do that, you will find your place and purpose in the grand world. How amazing will that be?!

Namaste ~ Ella

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