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Affirmation Mondays 247 – A Creative Life is an Amplified Life

A creative life is an amplified life Elizabeth Gilbert quote Monday Mantra 247 via LaWhimsy“A creative life is an amplified life.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Life consists of so much, and yet there is one thing that can lift it even higher while making it deeper…

“A creative life is an amplified life.”

Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, and the like.

Creativity is originality, progressiveness or imagination and to be creative is to simply utilize this skill.

With this in mind, every single person is creative. No matter what you may believe, within you is a source of daring, freshness and innovation – in other words, creativity.

You may not believe it, or your own abilities, but they are there, within you. They are simply waiting for you to take notice and begin to utilize them. Yes, you may be quite rusty and clunky with your creativity at first, but like with any skill, with use you will being to define and hone and find your ease.

The more you use your creativity, the more creativity you will have, and the more amplified your life will become.

By choosing to break free of the tried and true, the status quo, the traditional and deciding to find and define your own path, you are being creative. By trying the unfamiliar instead of the standard, you are expanding your life experience.

Now choosing the creative doesn’t always mean you have to go drastic and so far outside of your particular comfort zone that you don’t even recognize where you are anymore (though sometimes that is what happens). No, sometimes it’s doing something as simple as taking a different route (Maybe without a map) or trying something you’ve never done before or even just actively thinking differently for a little while.

Living creatively means that you keep expanding your own horizons. That you continuously look at things with fresh eyes and an open mind. It means that you search for differing ways to troubleshoot or problem solve (and let’s face it, each day provides multiple times one has to do both!).

Being creative also means that you allow yourself to loosen up, not take everything quite so seriously, and you let yourself play. You laugh and you find joy in the silly and fantastic. You get a little goofy and you shift your focus from everything being black and white, this or that, rigid and inflexible. Life is simply not meant to be that solemn and grim.

To live creatively is to live deliberately and thoughtfully. It’s an expansive, multidimensional, engaging way to exist and it’s never dull. You don’t have to be considered an artist to be a creative, that’s merely one aspect, one faucet, of creativity.

You get to define your creativity through your explorations of it and it’s all on your terms. What way will you choose today?

Namaste ~ Ella

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