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Affirmation Mondays 243 – Take a deep breath…what is important this very second

Take a deep breath What is important this very second Greg McKeown quote Monday Mantra 243 via LaWhimsy“Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.” ~ Greg McKeown

How present are you in yourself, in your surroundings at this very moment…

“Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.”

Day in. Day out. Doing this. Doing that. Your daily habits become a mindless routine. It can almost feel like a kind of sleepwalking.

Life is so very much more than this, but it can be challenging to be present, to be aware of yourself…or is it?

Take a deep breath, right now, wherever you happen to be. Let that breath fill up your lungs and then let it out. Now, get present in the moment, in your body. Don’t judge, just become aware. How does the air feel on your skin? What smells are you picking up, what sounds? Breathe and allow yourself to become aware of yourself in this moment, in this space you are occupying.

You are here, you are alive, you are breathing. Ask yourself what is important in this very second in time. What matter the very most to you right here, right now.

Let the have-to’s and should-do’s rest for this minute and let what is truly, deeply important rise to the top of your mind. Maybe it’s getting yourself a drink or pausing for a moment to pet or look at a picture of your pet. It could be a desire to step outside of just a few minutes to reconnect to nature or it could be feeling out how you are physically or mentally feeling.

Whatever it is that is important to you in this very moment, acknowledge it and find a way to incorporate it into whatever you are currently doing. You and it are worth it.

This world we live in is so very busy. There is a constant push and go-go-go mentality that can drive a person crazy, or at least riddle them with anxiety, exhaustion and a strong sense of FOMO. It’s really awful.

However, you can take your power, your essence, back by simply breathing and becoming present in the here and now and in yourself.

Yes, the world may keep right on twirling, but what really matters and is important to you will not pass you by if you choose to be present and acknowledge it.

Whenever I’ve found myself feeling out of touch and worn out, I’ve almost always found it to be because I’ve not been present or aware of what was important. By pausing and breathing I’m able to recenter, ground myself, become present and note what it is that is truly important and do something about it. Yes, I still work hard and am sometimes spread too thin, but am able to find a balance so much easier if I am present as it’s happening.

I urge you to listen to Greg McKeown and “Take a deep breath, get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.”. You may just amaze yourself!

Namaste ~ Ella

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