Your now is not your forever John Green quote Monday Mantra 206 via LaWhimsy
Monday Mantras

Monday Mantra 206 – Your now is not your forever

Your now is not your forever John Green quote Monday Mantra 206 via LaWhimsyYour now is not your forever.”  ~ John Green

When life feels too overwhelming and everything feels too much, I’ve found that these words can soften and ease your soul…

Your now is not your forever.

There is a simplicity to these six simple words, yet they are so profound in their deep truthfulness. Your now is not your forever. Pause and let this statement seep down into you, let it soak into your tight, upset, tired core. Your now is not your forever. Your now is just your now. Your right here, right now. That’s all.

It’s almost weird when you stop and actually think about it. At least I know it has been for me. Recently life has been one upset or difficultly after another, and it’s felt at times like this is just how it is and it’s sucked. These words, however, show me just how ridiculous this sort of pessimistic mindset really is. Nothing is forever, and that means my now most certainly isn’t my forever.

By choosing this bit of wisdom as a mantra of sorts, I’ve been able to keep going and to trust that while this may be my now, my forever is still filled with endless promise and possibilities. And as I begin to lean into that, I find that my now is beginning to have more hope and more ease. I’m breathing easier and I’m feeling less trapped, and less overwhelmed (maybe not as much as I’d like, but you gotta start somewhere!).

So now may not be the greatest, hell, it may even seem like, or be, the worst, but it’s not your forever. It’ll never be your forever and the more you can believe in this and in yourself, the more that now will be easier, or at least more manageable for you. I know it may sound a bit “out-there”, but it’s worth a try. After all, if now is so bad, what do you really have to lose? And you only have forever to gain.

Namaste ~ Ella

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