Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 127 – Fall if you will, but rise you must.

fall-if-you-will-but-rise-you-must-james-joyce-quote-monday-mantra-127-via-lawhimsy“Fall if you will, but rise you must.”~ James Joyce

Life is a series of rises and falls and rises again. Some weather the changing altitudes better than others, yet we all weather them in one way or another. To fall down and get back up is the ultimate challenge in this life of ours. We none of us are born knowing everything and we must learn, otherwise what is the point? The real lesson comes not so much in the falling, but in the way we choose to get back up and keep going. I have had many a tumble and instead of learning why I fell, I stubbornly huffed my way on, only to fall again and again, until I figured out just why I kept going down. Other times I simply sat in the tumbled mess, going nowhere, and that was even worse in a way, since it meant stewing in my own dark hole of trouble. To fall is to be human and to be kind and gentle with yourself as you asses the situation and yourself as you rise back up is to be human too. It’s a far better way of going about life as a human too. So just remember – Fall if you will, but rise you must – and the best way to rise is to give yourself some leeway and love!

Namaste ~ Ella

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