There is sunshine in my soul today positive joy quote Monday Mantra 121 via LaWhimsy
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Affirmation Mondays 121 – There is sunshine in my soul today

There is sunshine in my soul today positive joy quote Monday Mantra 121  via LaWhimsy“There is sunshine in my soul today.”~ LaWhimsy

Some days are simply sunshine days. Days when your soul declares that no matter what is going on, it’s filled with a glowing bright sunshiny joy that radiates forth in all its glory. Sometimes it’s a quieter sort of glow, other days it’s obnoxious in it’s blinding delight.

It’s a truly wondrous thing, since it tends to fly in the face of the seemingly mundane sort of lethargically dull pessimism that drifts about and settles into life like particles of dust. Instead of seeing the sparkly motes as they dance and float in the sunlight that streams in the window, those who ignore the sunshine in their souls only see allergens, mess and annoyances.

Who wants to live and think like that? I’d much rather be considered a bit loony because I am joyful and beaming my sunshine out into the world than nitpick and complain. I won’t drag others down into a low-vibe state, instead I’ll glow onward in my high-vibe state of being and if others wish to join in I’ll greet them with smiles and share the rays of my sunshine.

Would you care to sunbathe your soul along with me?

Namaste ~ Ella

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