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Overthinking is Keeping Me from Achieving My Dreams

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What is keeping you from achieving your dreams right now?” What a question and as I mull it over, I feel an outpouring in my head. Reasons clutter and crowd, each vying to be heard and spilled out, and my heart begins to sink a bit under the weight of so much noise bagging about inside, of the sheer cacophony of it all. The thing is, the bulk of it is just that – noise. I’m an over-thinker and my mind has a tendency to over-complicate just about everything if I allow it to and then I get overwhelmed. Seriously, paralyzingly overwhelmed.

That is the one major thing that keeps me from achieving my dreams and goals right now. I let myself become overwhelmed and I prevent myself from even trying because I allow myself to believe it’s too much. I create a million outcomes for each action I think about taking, a million hurtles, and I spazz-out with how overwhelming it all seems to be. Even the idea of great, grand, glorious outcomes overwhelm me and cause me to stall and even panic. I can be as overwhelmed by the mere thought of success as I am of failure and so I become paralyzed, seemingly vanquished before I even take the first step.
I overthink by lawhimsyLooking back, I can see many times when I let that overwhelming sense stop me from doing things. Times when I over-thought and panicked. When I just stayed with what was comfortable, even if it wasn’t what I wanted or even liked but at least I knew it, and made due. Times when a push would’ve made all the difference, but it didn’t happen and I stayed still.

I am now well aware of this particular foible of mine and I have been discovering ways to persuade my mind to let go of the over-thinking and just get on with it. Happily, I have a support system that will provide an extra push when needed (and kick my butt into gear if I start over-thinking). I try to push myself and I don’t allow myself to think until after and even then, I do my best to not second-guess since what’s done is done. I create mantras to repeat when my mind starts to rev into over-time – things like “it’s okay.” “Trying is a great thing.” “Failure just means trying again.” “Just breathe.” and so on. I meditate and most importantly, I keep going.
I have truly come to a place in my life where I don’t want to let that overwhelming feeling prevent me from reaching out and achieving my dreams. I don’t want a life that is complacent but lacking in what my heart and soul yearn for. I want my life and I want to live it and achieve it and I don’t want to be stopped by what-ifs and imaginary reasons to freak out about. I’ll never stop over-thinking, or getting overwhelmed but I can stop it from keeping me from what I want. At least, I think I can…tee-hee!

Namaste ~ Ella

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7 thoughts on “Overthinking is Keeping Me from Achieving My Dreams”

  1. I can totally relate to that. I feel those same overwhelmed feelings because I over-analyze everything until I just don’t want anything to do with it anymore because I’m so exhausted from thinking about it! I appreciate your push-through-it attitude!

    1. Thanks Hailey, though I will be the very fist to admit that sometimes the push-through-it attitude can be easier said then actually done. It’s worth mustering up the courage and just doing it in the end – something I am constantly reminding myself of, hehe!

  2. I do this too! Sometimes it’s the fear of failure and sometimes it’s the fear of accomplishment it’s self!! I made a new years resolution to go with my first thought for the whole year, and not to think about things too much – but it is hard 😦 xxx

    1. Going with your first thought, or even your gut response to anything, can be so difficult sometimes, especially for a mind prone to overthinking! I have found that by consciously doing it, though, does make it a bit easier over time – sort of like brain-training! 🙂

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