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Peony Perfection

bohemian peony by lawhimsy

The peonies are in full bloom and I could not be more delighted by their fragrant and colorful charms! I picked several blooms from the bushes from the family homestead this past weekend and I went a wee bit crazy snapping photos of them (I get into this snap-happy mode when it comes to taking pics sometimes. It’s a serious problem – at least when it comes to choosing which ones to share!). Here are just a few of my favs…

peony pop bush by lawhimsyThis was taken outside, before I decided which blossoms to pluck to take home with me. I just love the awesome color pop – thank you sunshine!

peony perfection by lawhimsy

bright burst peony by lawhimsyThese two were taken in the kitchen as I placing them into vases – the lighting was fantastic and the water droplets, window and sink just add to the charm!

vintage peonies by lawhimsyI placed two of the lovely peonies in the bathroom, where they look fetchingly vintage in their glass salt-shaker jar, sitting on the faded and rather shabby counter-top (I try for a sort of bohemian/vintage decor to make the aged parts flow a bit nicer and I think it works…or at least makes ’em tolerable, tee-hee!).

bright pink peony by lawhimsy

This was a just because I thought the lighting was great and I love taking pictures and I love flowers!

I hope you get a chance to stop and smell the peonies (or any other flowers of your choosing) today!

Namaste ~ Ella