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Life Right Now

Desk and Music Love via LaWhimsyWow, January is finally coming to a close. I say finally because, for me, it’s been one very long month. I think that has something to do with loosing track of what day what which and not quite knowing if I was coming or going – you know, sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards and whatnot.

Wonderland Speak via LaWhimsyOkay, okay, enough Wonderland speak…for now, tee-hee! Currently I’m working on a few projects, one includes weaving (one of my favorite things to do, and to think I’d almost forgotten that! If you’d like to try here’s a link to a tutorial I’ve pinned!) another some sewing and embroidery and another some drawing. I am devoted to working on my sketching skills and improving them (being a perfectionist can be such a hindrance at times. I really must learn to relax, let go and allow the art to form as it will – there are no ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ in the creative).

Weaving and Drawing via LaWhimsyI’ve also been dipping into my new books and I am really enjoying “Our Tempestuous Day” by Carolly Erickson and “Angel” by Elizabeth Taylor (hello #readwomen2014). “Angel”, in-particular is so good and I hope to do a duel book and movie review once I’ve finished the book, since both are amazing. Music-wise, I’ve been enjoying a mix of favorites, including A Fine Frenzy, Camera Obscura, Marina and the Diamonds, Sara Bareilles and some Zedd.

Angel by Elizabeth Taylor via LaWhimsySo there you have it, a small peak into a part of my life – exciting stuff, no? Well, I like it and that’s what really counts, tee-hee! So what have you been up to lately?

Namaste ~ Ella