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I’ve Gots the Flu

I gots the flu edited by lawhimsy

I’ve been feeling it creep up these past few days, but I kept hoping that it was just a migraine due to the weather, aches from the cold and just a bit of feeling off just because…alas, no. I am sick. There, I said and typed it, so it’s the gosh darn truth. I don’t like being ill – nobody does. I’ll spare you my whining (you’re welcome, hehe) and the fact that I am a miserable wimp when it comes to being sick and simply say that I think this weekend shall be devoted to sleeping, taking hot baths (when I have the energy, that is) and loafing about reading, maybe weaving and watching plenty of really bad T.V. – I suppose it could be worse (and here’s hoping it doesn’t get that way!).

ill of it allI so wish it were truly this glamorous!

I hope everyone stays warm, cozy and healthy this weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

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