Musings and Mutterings

August is Here


I don’t know about any of you, but for me July seemed like the month that simply just did not want to end. The days drug on in a rather humid, languid kind of way, melting one into the other, no real rhyme or reason. The last week actually saw a break in the weather and almost cool nights (I’m sure you could practically hear my cautious singing when it did – cautious because the heat could return at any moment). Now, finally, here it is August first and the count-down to my beloved Autumn now begins. Certainly I know that August is actually part of the heart of Summer, however, that has never prevented me from starting to scout out signs of the seasonal turn. Autumn makes me happy in a way that Summer does not, though I shall be sure and enjoy the good things that Summer shall continue to have – I’m not one to ever pass by a good thing and not enjoy it!


I’m planning to do some neat things this month, both here on the blog and in my life and I’m quite looking forward to it! Have you made any plans for August?

Namaste ~ Ella