Musings and Mutterings

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Here’s a simple list of 10 things that make me happy…

1. Smiling at someone and getting a smile in return.

2. Creating something, like a piece of embroidery or a soft sculpture.

3. Starting a new book or rereading/revisiting an old favorite for the umpteenth million time.

4. Singing and dancing (or baltering) around just for the fun of it ~ alone or with others.

5. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea on the porch early in the morning while watching the neighborhood wake up.

6. Waking up to a bright and gorgeously sunny morning filled with bird songs (I am so longing for Spring).

7. Receiving a friendly letter or e-mail from someone ~ just because.

8. Engaging in an interesting, enjoyable, witty, goofy, anything and everything conversation with a friend.

9. Indulging in an extraordinarily rich and delectable piece of chocolate…or two.

10. When Jojo curls up next to me and purrs or Weiky wants a cuddle.
Oh, and Lil Bub ~ I adore this kitty!!!
It’s Happiness Indeed ~ What makes you happy?
Namaste ~ Ella