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First Impressions…

…Otherwise known as Pride and Prejudice, is celebrating it’s 200th anniversary today! By far one of Jane Austen’s most popular books, Pride and Prejudice has held a special place in my heart as the first of her books I had the pleasure of reading.

I guess it started something of a slight obsession…This is barely a glimpse of all the books I have written by or about Jane Austen and Her times!

It is also the one I have the most copies of (though Emma is closing in fast, lol). Most of these are simply awesome editions I picked up from sales racks when I happened upon them (like the Gramercy one from above) but I do have at least one fantastic vintage one. There is just something so delightful about finding a vintage copy of a favorite book – it makes me giddy. My oldest Pride and Prejudice edition is one from 1945 by Doubleday and I happened upon it while out antiquing ages ago.

It has the most lovely blue cover with a cream spine and all the pages are perfectly wonky, yellowed and uneven and I adore it. The binding is still tight and the illustrations by Robert Ball are still lovely to behold.

Here is Lizzy (or I suppose, to be all nice and proper, Miss Elizabeth Bennet) in all her illustrated glory.

And here is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, looking dignified but with no improper pride.

I have been enjoying all of the wonderful links and quotes that the Jane Austen Author Fan Page has been sharing all this month in anticipation of this anniversary event and I’ve thumbed through my Annotated version of Pride and Prejudice just for the fun of it. While it is no longer my top favorite (That would have to be Mansfield Park or Emma) it is still a treasure trove of wonderful reading and it’s characters are one’s I shall remain fond of revisiting for all time. Happy Anniversary, indeed!

Namaste ~ Ella