Only the ideas we live have any value. Hermann Hesse quote Monday Mantra 101 via LaWhimsy
Affirmation Mondays

Affirmation Mondays 101 – Only the ideas we live have any value.

Only the ideas we live have any value. Hermann Hesse quote Monday Mantra 101 via LaWhimsy“Only the ideas we live have any value.”~ Hermann Hesse

Life is filled with ideas. They flood every bit of our very beings, however…

“Only the ideas we live have any value.”

Ideas are excellent things to have. They are built on inspiration, idealism, and dreams. Ideas are one of the key components of life, however, the only ideas worth anything are the ideas that we actively pursue.

Without action ideas simply float about in the collective ether and a great many have been lost to the eons waiting for the soul who will not only hit upon it, but actually make the idea become part of our reality.

The truth is, anyone can have an idea. However, it takes the right kind of person to take an idea and live it, make it happen, give it value. That kind of person ignores the naysayers, the false notions of impossible, and they make the idea into something. Something real and something of value.

It’s an amazing thought, knowing that ideas are in our control. That while having an idea is something everyone does, doing what it actually takes to make the idea become part of reality is what can and does set one apart. You have the power and ability to give life to your ideas!

It’s so exciting and invigorating to think that you can take a thought or notion and incorporate it into your life. It’s especially awesome if you consider that thoughts are energy and by acting on your thoughts you are adding even more strength to that energy and igniting your own power. The value you place upon the ideas you live is extraordinary, so embrace your power and live your ideas out loud and proud!

Namaste ~ Ella

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