Delightfully Seeking Me via LaWhimsy

Delightfully Seeking Me

Delightfully Seeking Me via LaWhimsy

I’m certain that by now many of my more regular visitors have noticed a rather lengthy absence on my part, one that started out with a stilted trickling of posts and then radio silence. This has been both intentional and unintentional. I’ve been feeling boxed in and bored with how and what I’ve been posting and I’ve been noticing that my true voice has been stifled and dulled. I was trying to be a “good blogger” and social media maven – you know, the type who creates regular features, offers up a steady posting schedule, provides a certain flavor that flows oh so neatly…but in doing so I started to loose myself, my actual voice and desire. LaWhimsy and my Instagram in particular are supposed to be a little portal into my whimsical world, my thought processes, my creative and daily routines. And for no other reason then me wanting to share them and maybe connect with others who vibe the way I do or who want to. I want these places where I share to be a bright spot in a crazy, often times too dark world. Places of refuge, release, respite, and rejuvenation. Places where who and what I am are infused in a natural, effortless way (or nearly effortless – I mean, nothing writes or creates or whatnot by themselves, lol). And I lost that. Writing Monday Mantra and Word Nerd posts and creating the corresponding images became a chore, something I stared to dread instead of delight in. So I stopped. Instead of just doing them for the sake of doing them I decided to take stock, look inward and outward, and seek myself out instead. I want to re-infuse these spaces with ME and with things I take true delight in. Don’t worry, Word Nerd and my Monday Mantras are not going anywhere and I will keep creating new ones, it’s just first I need to reevaluate and recenter and, I think,  refresh the look and feel of LaWhimsy. Then I will start to share again and provide even more than just the two features. I will share what I’m creating, how I’m feeling, bits and pieces of my mind and soul that want to shine out and show themselves to those who want to see. Hopefully you’ll want to come along on the journey, and maybe discover bits about yourself and if not, that’s okay too. Right now I’m delightfully seeking me and it’s awesome!

Namaste ~ Ella

*If you’d like to contact me drop me a line at lawhimsy(at)gmail(dot)com!