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Autumn Is…

Autumn splendor in vast array via LaWhimsyAutumn is, hands down, my favorite of all the seasons. This time of year, filled with bursts of color, rustling winds, cooler days, icy nights, frosty mornings, crisp blue skies, wood-smoke scents, and cozy, wonderful sweaters, layers, coats and more is so special! I adore the harvest time, the time when nature gives one last grand stand before tucking in for it’s Winter rest. Crunching through leaf piles, collecting pinecones and various nuts, then coming in with wind-pinked cheeks and nose and warming up with something sweet and warm…oh, I love it so!

dancing leaves gif via LaWhimsy

What do you love about the Autumn?

Namaste ~ Ella

8 thoughts on “Autumn Is…”

      1. Indeed… Where I live, it’s yummy because I can go out in it without being carried away by insects or scorched to a crisp by the heat 🙂

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