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gruntled contentment via LaWhimsyIf you’re looking to add a bit of whimsy to your life, bring a sparkle to your steps, or take delight in all the little wonders of each day, then let LaWhimsy help lead the way! Inspiration, motivation, self love, and gentle kindness fill each part of this site and I want to share life’s joys and wonderments with you. You deserve to feel good about who and what you are and the life path you’re on. Life is all about learning, sharing, and growing and LaWhimsy is views from my journey that may provide inspiration and insight for your own. With Affirmation Mondays (good for motivation on any day of the week!) you can discover insights and musings and open yourself up to how positivity can bring awesome vibrations into your days. Word Nerd shares creative and beautiful words that are certain to fill your vocabulary with pure delight. Just Breathe provides ways to find your center and cultivate a sense of calm contentment, as well as reminding you to take care of yourself.  You’ll also find posts about the books I’m reading, pieces of my poetry, my designs and creations, photos I’ve taken of nature, and all sorts of other lovely things.  LaWhimsy is a part of me and my journey in this life and I want to extend a hand of friendship, encouragement, and solidarity to those who are on their own paths, seeking out the little, everyday joys and self love they know they are worthy of.

hanami gathering via LaWhimsyHello! I’m Ella (or La) and I’m the artsy, curious, bookish, whimsical, bohemian spirit behind LaWhimsy. I’ve studied Literature, European History, and Museum Studies and the human/inter-personal aspect has always been my favorite part. I live to spread positivity and a bit of sparkle wherever I go. I’ve always enjoyed sharing and exploring all of the easily overlooked joys and wonders of everyday life and it’s my goal that LaWhimsy can be a place of encouragement, delight, discovery, and positivity for everyone who passes this way!
A few random facts about me:
  • History and Historical Fiction can make me really emotional sometimes.
  • I’m an incredibly gentle, highly sensitive spirit.
  • Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I can wax poetic.
  • I think that wearing twirly skirts and dresses makes everything better.
  • I embrace, and never apologize for, my femininity.
  • I have been known to hug trees and talk to plants and animals.
  • I have A.D.H.D. however meditation and yoga help me deal with it.
  • I am super proud to be an Intellectual Badass!

a roseate outlook to life colorpop via LaWhimsyIf you’d like ~

I hope you stay around for awhile and join in on the whimsy!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Please feel free to contact me here or at lawhimsy(at)gmail.com – I love hearing from anyone and I do my best to answer as quickly as possible!

**If you see an image that is improperly sourced, is your own and you do not want used on this site, or anything of this nature, please contact me and I will be more than happy to immediately fix, correctly source or completely remove the image. Fair is Fair and I always want to give credit where credit is due!


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