Loving yourself is the greatest revolution life quote Monday Mantra 188 via LaWhimsy
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Monday Mantra 188 – Loving yourself is the greatest revolution

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution life quote Monday Mantra 188 via LaWhimsyLoving yourself is the greatest revolution.” ~ Unknown

The revolution is here ~ are you ready to embrace it?

“Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

Love is a topic that I bring up again and again, just see last week’s Monday Mantra for a ready example, and for a very good reason. That reason you ask? Why, it’s that loving yourself is the ultimate revolutionary act. Think about that for a minute ~ that loving yourself is a revolutionary act.

Incredible isn’t it?! I know that when I realized this it knocked me right on my ass. One of the greatest rebellious acts we have in our possession is to love ourselves wholly and completely. To embrace who and what we are and to unconditionally love every bit of it.

We all live in a society that tries to make money off of our self-doubts, our lacks, our flaws. Yet these are all issues created by that society. Yes, all of those doubts, those fears that you are lacking something or are not worthy are false. They are lies. Lies that have been told to you in order for you to remain small, to remain in the debt of some “something” that could, maybe, perhaps, make it all better yet never does. How awful is that?!

Please don’t beat yourself up for falling for it, or for feeling bad or unworthy. It’s a hard realization to come to, but You. Are. Worthy. You were born exactly right for you. You are awesome and unique and YOU. You are worthy of love. Of acceptance. Of taking up space. Of having a voice, a vision, a dream, a chance.

To be defiant in the face of a society that seeks to demean and diminish us, we must each of us rise. It sounds awesome on paper (or screen in this case) doesn’t it? But to actually do it, well that can be difficult, I know. I’ve had my own struggles and inner turmoil and demons to battle and face, and yet I’ve survived and I’ve not only survived, I’ve thrived. You can too! You are worth loving and by starting with yourself, and giving yourself all the love and kindness you could ever desire, you are being radical and you are rising. Welcome to the revolution.

Namaste ~ Ella

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